I am very concerned with the number of web sites offering purebred dogs for sale.  While there are many responsible dog breeders on the internet, it is up to the customer to decipher who is the "responsible breeder" and who is the "puppy mill breeder."  Here are some things that you may want to do before deciding to buy a purebred puppy from any breeder.

Ask if all of their breeding stock are tested for the health problems that are in the breed you are considering.  Pembroke Welsh Corgis are known to have inherited eye problems, hip dysplasia and von Willebrands Disease (a blood disorder).  Responsible breeders will not only be glad to share all test results of their breeding stock, but will also be glad that you have asked.  It shows that you are doing your homework.  If a breeder tells you that "my dogs don't have that, therefore I don't have to test".....take that as a warning sign!  If you ask a breeder why they are breeding dogs and they tell you that, "We are breeding for just pets".....use extreme caution

Responsible breeders breed purebred dogs for one reason -- and that is to try and improve the breed.  If someone tells you that they are breeding only to provide pets for pet homes, then they are by definition a Puppy Mill no matter what the size of their establishment. Their goal for breeding dogs is to make money.  These same people will often tell you that the "show breeder" is ruining the breed and the "show breeder" does not have the best interest of the dogs in mind.  This only shows how ill-informed they are.

Responsible (show) breeders do not take shortcuts with their dogs and a lot of money, time and love is spent on every litter to ensure that their puppies are the healthiest and of the best quality possible.  Please remember this -- a responsible breeder is lucky to get one or two puppies from each litter that will make it in the show ring, the rest of those puppies are going to spend their lives as healthy, well-adjusted, beautiful pets that the responsible breeder loves just as much as their "show" dogs.
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More thoughts....Christmas is not the time to bring a new puppy into the family -- especially if there are young children (who won't want to leave their computer games or iPods to tend to a puppy) and/or guests expected to visit over the holidays.  Going to a new home is "traumatic" enough on a puppy without the hustle and bustle of Christmas going on, too.   A puppy does not make a good Christmas gift and I do not let any Dalarno pups go to new homes during December!  Look for a puppy after everything has calmed down, the holidays are over and you've got plenty of time to devote to your new family member.  Dogs are for a lifetime, not just to be purchased on a whim for Christmas.
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