.....happy Corgis and their people!
Probably the most rewarding part of breeding my Corgis is knowing I've found the right home and people match for them.  Over the years I've been extremely happy to have placed my dogs with some wonderful families!  As I have many photos sent to me from the members of the "Dalarno Corgi Family," I'd love to share them and their stories with you here.....so please check back often as you might see your Dalarno Corgi on this page in 2019!

Kim writes:

What can I say about Melody?  

She is beautiful, smart, sassy, silly and is always up for fun. I was looking for an all-purpose corgi and she is all of that. I show her in conformation, obedience and rally. She also loves lure coursing. She is a joy to train because she always wants to learn. She loves everyone and everything. She definitely runs the house, she is the boss of her two brother corgis. She considers the cats her personal playthings. She's kind of rough with them, but no one ever gets hurt and they don't use their claws on her. She knows to leave the old senior lady alone.  

She knows not to bother big brother Obie, as he doesn't play. However she adores Wally, and she abuses him mercilessly. He lets her know when she goes too far, and all is well.  

She is such a good sport when I make her wear silly things.  

She is my 7th corgi and I have to say she might be the best one so far.  Thank you, Carrie!!

I can't say enough good things about the people who have gotten puppies from Dalarno.  Kim and John Hundley are just the best and have given Dalarno Melody Road BN RN RI ("Melody") the life of a princess, along with challenging her with lots of new adventures whether it be in the conformation, rally and obedience rings or just the perfect family member.